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Moving Tips:

Since moving can be stressful and overwhelming, we at Quality Relocation Services, Inc. have compiled our Moving Tips into three (3) helpful articles to help you get through this time as prepared as you can possibly be and as informed as you should be so that you are able to make educated decisions along the process.

Preparing for Your Move will help you in assessing how and when to start your preparations so that you are comfortable and at ease on the day of the move and later at the delivery when your shipment is being unloaded.

Non allowable Check out our important Non Allowable list which details the items that should not be packed for transportation so that your belongings are safe at all times. Your shipment’s good condition and our crews safety is our number one priority. Let’s make sure this goal is reached!

Moving Check List Are you ready for your move? Well now would be a good time to review the Moving Check List and make sure nothing went overlooked or forgotten during this hectic time in your life.

Moving Resources:


The following important and required documentation is presented to you so that you are able to read and educate yourself prior to your upcoming move when the decisions must be made.

Your Rights And Responsibilities when You Move is required to be provided to you at time of loading at origin. We at Quality Relocation Services, Inc. want you to have access to this booklet prior to your move so that you are able to read and prepare yourself and have a chance to request clarifications in advance so that there are no confusion and mishaps during the relocation process.

Ready To Move? Is a pamphlet which will assist you in preparing for your move, provide you important contact information and tips gathered by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. It is required by law that you are provided with the pamphlet at time of loading at origin. Although the law only requires this booklet to be handed to you at Origin, we, at Quality Relocation Services, Inc. believe that having all information available to you in advance will assure your shipment’s safety and give you peace of mind during this process.

Filing of Claims We at Quality Relocation Services, Inc. understand that as hard as we work to accommodate you needs and handle your shipment with care, unfortunately it may not always be enough and loss, or damage may occur. As we strive to offer you the best services by training our employees and adopting the major van lines procedures at affordable rates to all, we have also made sure to provide you with the best Claims Service available in the country. This brochure will provide you with claim filing information and instructions so that if a claim is necessary, you know how to proceed with no further delays. Click here to register with Claims Service International Inc. to file a claim. Or you may call CSI at 877-CSI(274)-0074

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Have questions or problems with our Tips & Resources docs? Call us at 855-3The-QRS or 855-384-3777 and we will answer any questions or email you a copy of the Moving Tips docs so that you have it with you at all times during the preparations for your upcoming move.

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