Packing Services:

Packing your home can be overwhelming and time consuming, although it may save you the out of pocket expense. Letting our Qualified Packers do the job for you will be “Money well spent”. It will save you the time and hassle while assuring your belongings are well protected and ready for transportation whether you move locally or long distance. The choice of whether to pack yourself or have us pack for you can be made almost at last minute although it may affect the schedule of your move and will increase your costs. Your peace of mind can be worth the cost of this additional service.


Storage can be an important part of the moving process. If you are not taking all of your possessions with you or your future home is not ready for your immediate occupancy on your arrival, we can offer clean storage in government approved and fully insured warehouses at each of our locations. We provide individual storage vaults for short- or long-term storage.

Goods can be stored for any length of time. When you are ready for your items, we simply continue the completion of the delivery to your new location.

Storage In Transit:

This is a temporary storage of your items pending further transportation. This may be necessary when your new home isn’t ready to occupy and your items must be stored. You must specifically request this service or take advantage of our 30 days FREE Storage.

You will not be required to sign any new contracts as the terms & conditions of the relocation of your shipment will apply while in SIT.

Permanent Storage:

This is storage services that are provided outside the context of a relocation service. The purpose of a permanent storage transaction is to have property stored at a facility by the storage service provider for a period of time. Its purpose is not to have property stored temporarily in the process of being moved from point A to point B.

Permanent storage requires that a storage contract is signed at time of occupancy. The contract relays the details of the charges that will apply as well as the coverage that will be chosen by you for the protection of your goods. Access to goods must be scheduled in advance for to assure the availability of the labor if required.

Post-Move Cleaning Services:

We at QRS know that before you are leaving your residence you are required to make sure the residence is in a clean condition.

We also know that you are on a tight schedule and doing the job of cleaning yourself requires that you have the tools and products for such task. Let us make this experience a REAL Hassle- Free one and do it for you with our proficient cleaning team.

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